Monday, July 23, 2012

The Grand Exit

That moment when you exist the church and run through the crowd of guests to the getaway car is one you'll never forget. There are so many ways to ask your guests to help you make a grand entrance!

Birdseed (rice is bad for the birds)
Biodegradable Confetti
Rose Petals-- natural  not artificial/silk
Sparklers (night wedding)
Natural Lavender
Tiny Poms (must be cleaned up)
Ribbon Wands
Miniature Beach Balls
Paper Airplanes
Butterfly Release
Balloon Release (check laws and ordinances in your area)
Fake Snow (probably needs to be cleaned up)
Glow Sticks (night wedding)
Ribbon Pulls
Silly String
Fireworks (night wedding

Whatever you choose as your grand exit, make sure it is displayed in a beautiful way. Using the cardboard box that the bubbles came in isn't very attractive..... Use bushel baskets for a fall wedding, galvonized buckets for a barn wedding, decorative baskets from a home store.... the display is important!

Think outside of the box!

I saw photos from a wedding in a neighboring town where the bride and groom put rose petals on the ceiling fan blades. Just as the bride and groom kissed, the fans turned on and tons of red petals came showering down. The looks on the faces of the guests were priceless!

Imagine walking under a bridge or balcony as guests toss petals, leaves or confetti from above!

Pair your exit with a unique getaway vehicle--- vintage bikes, a carriage, a classic car, golf cart, tractor and wagon, lawn mower, four-wheeler.... Think about what is meaningful to you two.... Make sure you will be able to enter and exit the vehicle in your dress and that you won't catch it on fire with the engine!

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