Saturday, July 28, 2012

Going Away Party

I got to host another little shin-dig, but this one wasn't for a happy occassion... Ok, maybe I'm selfish, but it wasn't happy for me....   I very very very very close to friend is moving away.... We had her bachelorette party two weeks away and then realized how soon she would be moving, so we had to have one more "girl's night" before she loads up her car and moves to The Sunflower State. 

We had a pitch-in for tacos and desserts. I threw together some directions at the last minute to make it fitting. I think everything cost me $5. I bought 4 bunches of sunflowers at the Dollar Tree, two poster boards 2/$1 and used a free map I found in my car.  I did also use those glittery clothespins that I made for the bachelorette party and didn't get to use, as well as black streamer that I bought and didn't hang.

Map and Sunflower centerpiece

Her state information

I framed a ton of pictures of all of us girls around my living and dining room

Each girl got a picture from the bachelorette party and driving directions from here to there.
She got directions from there to here. :)

I didn't get a good picture of it, but I also made a banner with "We Will Miss You" cut out from map and glued to poster board triangles. I used Dollar Tree jute string that I already had on hand.

One of the girls said during our goodbyes that it's not a good-bye... It's an "until next time."

That's what I keep telling myself.... she's not moving to another country or leaving us forever....
Until next time....
Happy Planning!

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