Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Favorite 15-- Book pages

Have you all seen this pin?? I just love it. I think the simplicity of the dark, light and greens are just beautiful. I wish I would have seen these before my wedding and shower. It's a new favorite decorating style that seems so cheap!

My suggetion: Keep the pages in the same quality--- I would have used all yellowed pages.

To save money: Buy a new book for $1 at the Dollar Tree and tea or coffee stain the pages yourself!
The event: Bridal shower, baby shower, back to school bash, birthday party, wedding, graduation party, or a book group party

Branch out: Use all pages from Dr. Seuss books, Golden Books, science books, love stories, etc... Make it themed to match your party.

Splurge: make wreaths from pages of a book or into pommanders, have a typewriter or library index card guest book, give book mark favors, use quotes or phrases from books on your invitation and in your vows, title tables after favorite books, use a book as the ring bearer pillow, etc.
Happy Planning!