Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Favorite 11- Take me out to the ball game!

Baseball season is in full swing! (no pun intended! hahaha) Baseball themed parties (and showers) are all the craze lately!

My suggetion: ditch the figurines...Unless it's a party for a kid, keep the decor simple and classic.

To save money: beg, borrow and steal... OK-- maybe not steal, but beg and borrow. Ask local sports enthusiasts what baseball equipment you can borrow. Use the empty space trick to save on fillers--- use a jar inside of a jar or place a large object in the middle and pour the filler around it. Use green moss in bowls or vases for grass.

The event: Fourth of July, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday party

My spin: Love the peanuts... How about some centerpieces with cracker jacks (or popcorn) as well?? Or use the same idea with a long vase and filler, but add a small Louisville Slugger bat laying on top of it?

Branch out: Host a full outdoor sports themed party with golf, football, baseball, soccer.... Keep green as a common color (grass) and make centerpieces and decor out of all of the equipment and balls. Add pennants, whistles, ref jersies, etc.         Switching gears---- the peanut filler would be great for a circus themed party, as well!

Splurge: You have to set the tone of the party with a invitation that memics a ticket to a ball game. Name your house the __________ Field. Have guests sign a ball, bat or jersey. Dress up your tables with miniature bats, or even use them to spell out words or names. Serve baseball cupcakes complete with red 'lacing.' Buckets and wheat grass can be planted and grown before the party. Create a concession stand with hot dogs, pretzels, beer (if appropriate), popcorn, coke and candy. Send guests home with big league chew and cracker jacks! (If it's a shower you're hosting--- send guests home with pancake batter with a note saying "Hey batter batter!")

Happy Planning!
Krista at Sweet T Events

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Favorite 10 for the Fourth of July!

My suggetion: DIY your table cloth. Buy an inexpensive plain tablecloth and paint your own stars and stripes, or buy a painter's dropcloth. Use painter's tape to make off your stripes and stencils for stars. Really crafty? Sew on some stars!

To save money: Same thing--- DIY and buy paper products like they did. Easy clean up and bold colors-- two pluses!

The event: Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Flag Day

My spin: Switch out the dark vases for white or silver boxes, vases, or containers for a more modern  approach. Paint the stripes in a darker red and tea stain the 'white' for an antiqued flag.  Also, I would create different favors.... perhaps the firecracker licorice that is all over Pinterest. I also think I would ditch the flags in the centerpieces--leave them simple.  Maybe switch the chargers for something with a little more sparkle?

Branch out: Add bandana and make the colors darker, and you're on the verge of a cowboy party! Replace the containers with jars, toy wagons, hats, boots..... So many options!

Splurge: Host a full Americana party. Serve punches in red, white and blue. Provide popcorn in white and white striped bags. Dip pretzels in chocolate and sprinkle and themed sprinkles. Wrap silverware and adorn with a small flag or sparkly tassle. Add a flag cheesecake or cherry delight to your dessert table. Use bandanas as napkins. Fill vases with white roses, hydrangeas, or peonies. Create pennants and banners from textured and printed scrapbook paper or fabric scraps. Throw in pies, sweet tea, red and blue fruits, ice cream, lanterns (paper and real), hot dogs, tissue poms, wooden crates, and buckets... And you've got an all-American backyard barbeque!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Party Season is in full swing... I am currently working on three parties! I cannot give away too many details for obvious reasons, but I am planning a hotel bachelorette party, a shabby chic birthday party and a winter lodge party.

Bachelorette Party:
Pink, Black, Purple and Zebra!
Naughty Games
And of course some unmentionables....

A dear friend has poured her heart into bachelorette parties for 5 of her friends, including myself. She has made them so much fun and spent a ton  of her own money on favors and decor. She deserves something amazing! Check back in July to see what I planned for her....and all on a budget!