Thursday, July 12, 2012

Favorite 13--- Don't judge a book by its cover

Thoughtfully Simple

My suggetion: Mix centerpieces of books, apples, vintage school supplies, flowers, and chalkboards. Stand some stacks of books up with pretty bookends, or lay them out flat and turned to a favorite page.

To save money: beg and borrow...  Have you heard me say that before?? It's my motto. Don't be afraid to ask around. Teachers, parents of young children, novelists....ask around to different types of people based on your theme. And as always-- hit up used stores and yard sales!

The event: Bridal shower, baby shower, back to school bash, birthday party, wedding, graduation party, book group party

My spin: depending on the event--- make the stacks of books themed (Golden Book, Dr. Seuss, Poetry, love stories, research). A set of encyclopedias would provide many books that are all about the same size. Many of them are trimmed in gold or silver and would make pretty centerpieces. If you can't find enough books in your theme or that have a pretty cover, wrap some in brown paper and stamp the spines with words or titles.

Branch out: Use books as the centerpiece for your Beauty and the Beast party. Pair them with tin can vases for a vintage party. Use only books of photography or art for a dramatic art show. Use all children's books and decorate with a 'bedtime story' theme at a baby shower or child's birthday party.

You can take the whole book idea in a few different directions.... Use the whole "school theme" or make it more like a library/den.... or use research books for a wedding of a scientists or mathematician.
--- pair the books with alphabet letters, flash cards, pencils, crayons, composition books, school lunch, lined paper, etc. Vintage or Modern--- you decide. Also throw in some stuffed animals that match the book characters.
--- make wreaths from pages of a book or into pommanders have a typewriter or library index card guest book, give book mark favors, use quotes or phrases from books on your invitation and in your vows, title tables after favorite books, use a book as the ring bearer pillow, etc.
--- Send library card invitations
--- Having a party for adults? Decorate part of your home to look like high school lockers and let guests doodle and decorate them.
--- Rent or borrow a giant chalk board like coaches use and allow guests to write messages in your new 'photo booth' area.
--- Cover the tables in chalkboard paper and use chalk to label seats for place settings, or allow guests to doodle.
--- Buy or borrow an apothecary table or library index cabinet for your guest book table, cake table or dessert display.
--- Set the mood at your party with a den/library feel. Use large bookcases, leather chairs/sofas, lamps, and coffee tables to create seating areas.

Happy Planning!

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