Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Night for the Girls

A dear friend of mine isn't getting married until June 2013, but is moving in one short week and will only be home TWO times before her wedding. One trip back will be for Christmas and the other to be another wedding (and we're squeezing in her bridal shower in that same trip), so we decided to have her official bachelorette party this summer! We are all going to have a big sleepover at my house (be sure to look for pics of THAT party next year) the night before the wedding, but this was the party for the games, dancing and naughty decor.

WARNING! This page is for Adults ONLY!
Please exit if you are NOT over the age of 18!

Besides the price of the room and the food that we bought, the price of the party was only about $50! This is the 5th bachelorette party we've had in our group, and we've not thrown away much. I keep totes in my basement of all of my party supplies with labels. The Bachelorette tote just keeps expanding!

We had ONE HOUR to decorate and be across town to pick out bridesmaid dresses. It wasn't nearly the amount of time that I was prepared for and not everything got done, but it was still fun.

I made these little babies, and didn't get to use them. Tutorial soon!
Ignore my dirty window. I was trying to get the glitter to look pretty and the natural light helped.

Kiss kits for each attendant. Tutorial soon!

Favor pack for each attendant. 12 boxes for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Designed the tag and printed it on cardstock.(I did trim up the edges, but forget to take "after" photos.) Painted the clothespin and glitterized (that is SO a word!) it myself. 

Mock up at home

Have to throw in a little zebra at EVERY bachelorette party

This was purchased for my party and it leaks horribly, so it just gets used for decor!

Ignore the spacing--- it wasn't straightened yet. We had an hour to do everything,
so I was snapping pictures when I could.
This was made with $2 of posterboard, $3 of ribbon, $1 diecut letters and about $2 of tissue paper.
This was made to be hung on the curtains (with those gorgeous clothespins!), but with the layout of our suite, it wasn't practical because the window was in the bedroom, which was on the other side of the bathroom from the living room part of the suite. Luckily I bought tiny Command Hooks for $3. No damage to the walls!

balloons, zebra material, paper lantern and blindfold. The paper lanterns are left from my bridal shower.
I tell ya, I'm a party supply hoarder.

Kiss the Stud was $3 from the party supply store. I mixed it up by having the girls wear BRIGHT RED lipstick from the Dollar Tree to kiss him instead of just using the lip stickers. It was hilarious!

Bachelorette party cup left from another party, pencil caddy and ribbon to hold favors, $.50 of scrapbook paper (bought on sale!) favor box used for prize, paper lantern and a leopard scarf to cover the base of the lamp.

We couldn't find anywhere to stash the phone, so it stayed out.
I threw out a zebra necklace, another pencil caddy of suckers, paper lantern and a $.20 black boa bought on clearance after Halloween.

We had a "Panty Line" but because we couldn't hang ribbon across the curtains, we didn't have anywhere to hang the line, so they just stayed on the back of the couch.
Each girl brought a pair of undies similar to what they would wear. The bride had to guess who brought which pair. Our bride did HORRIBLY! haha

You always have to have naughty game, right?!? This was my budget breaker! It cost about $15 at the adult store, but we had a lot of fun with it!

Shopping List:
Clothespins $1-- glitter and paint were already in my stash
Balloons $4
Banner $8
Paper supplies $5 from the Dollar Tree (in purple!) and Target (zabra)
Favors: $10
Ring Toss $15
Prizes: $4

I already had: paper lanterns, zebra material, 2 bachelorette banners, naughty straws and cup, bridal tiara/sash/beads/etc, sketch pads, crayons, blindfolds, scarf, pencil caddies, fishing line, tiny clothespins,

I had about $10-15 in supplies that I didn't use--- streamers, balloons, more table cloths, etc.

Because this is the 5th Bachelorette party for the same group of girls, I had to dig pretty deep to find games we hadn't played multiple times.
We played:

I hate sex because:
I had all of the girls think of their least favorite household chore. They then wrote down why they hated it, without wordy details. They then had to say aloud, "I hate sex because" and finish the sentence with what they had written. We had answers like "because it makes my back hurt" and "because it takes so long and it gets dirty so fast." We were laughing so hard at this one! It was a great mood setter!

Chick Flick Quotes:
We had started the party by watching Magic Mike, so I thought adding a movie themed game might be fun (and we hadn't ever played this one). I found 15 quotes from famour chick flicks that had to do with love, weddings, friends or naughty things. The girls had to match the quote to the movie.

Name that Drink:
Our group of girls do not drink... so what better than having them name naughty drinks! haha
I found the names of the naughty drinks and found synonyms for each of the words: intercourse on the sand, azul spheres, burst my fruit, etc. It was difficult because we don't drink, but we had a good laugh at all of the names!

Mad Libs:
This game is a favorite, but I had to get creative! We had done the "free printable  bachelorette mad lib" a couple of times, so I wanted to mix it up. I found another naughty one as my base and made it a little dirtier. The girls wrote down words as they gave their cue "1. verb, 2. adjective, 3. room in the house" and then I had a posterboard with the mad lib written and the blanks numbered. Each girl read aloud. The bride had tears running down her face from laughing so hard!

Price is Right:
This is another favorite. I printed off the pictures and description of about ten items from the website of a local adult store. The girls each wrote down the price as I played my best "price is right beauty." After each item was described and prized, I gave the actual retail price. The girl with the closest price without going over won a point for the game. The girl with the most points won the game.

Our group plays pictionary almost every time we are together, so what better than to play bridal pictionary. They broke into teams of 3. Each group had a huge sketch pad. We took turns alternating who picked the clue from the stack of wedding words. I showed the artist on both teams, said "go" and the first team to guess correctly got a point. Team with the most points won.

Ring Toss

Kiss the Stud

We watched Magic Mike, played games, ate, and then went dancing. It was a great night with the girls! Be looking for more posts with tutorials of the clothespins and kiss kits!

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