Monday, January 2, 2012

Planning our Wedding--- What I would have done differently

Our wedding day was beautiful, don't get me wrong...but I think all brides can agree on the fact that there are always some things that you might have done differently if were to do it all over again.  These are just a few things to think about if you're in the midst of wedding planning.

1) I would have either had a wedding dress of lighter weight or a second dress for the reception. I was so hot and tired during our reception that I think if I would have seen a pair of scissors, I would have cut a great deal of my dress off. Our wedding day was nearly 100 degrees with a heat advisory, and although we had an indoor ceremony and reception, I was still very hot.

2) Speaking of heat--- the heat and lack of food in my system made me very sick. I had always heard of brides 'forgetting to eat' and thought "How is that possible?"  Well... I did that very thing. We were so busy with everything that I didn't eat real food for 3 days before the wedding. The lack of nutrition mixed with the heat made me very sick that evening. So...remember to eat!

3) I would have asked for more help. I took on way too many DIY projects and stressful decisions that made the last week pretty tough. We had a death in the family with the services 2 days before the wedding, so our minds were stressed before the wedding festivities ever began.

4) I would have hired a videographer. Plain.and.simple

5) My husband wishes that we would have had the meal served to our guests before we got to the reception. We spent a lot of time doing pictures so it was a lengthy time that our guests waited.

6) We would have seen each other before the wedding. We wanted to stick with tradition and wait for the first looks to be in front of our family and friends, but I wish we would have made it more intimate. Plus, we spent 1/3 of our budget on pictures and I felt so horrible by the time we got around to the pictures of he and I that I'm not as happy with them as I think I could have been.

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