Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Favorite 6

This favorite comes from P is for Party's blog and it was for a first birthday set around "It's a Wonderful Life." I just love the simplicity of these centerpieces. The host used vases and coches for the adult table centerpieces but wanted something less fragile for the kid tables. 
I love the color scheme of this specific design, but can't you imagine them in silver and blue, gold and red, green and brown.... or any of your favorite Christmas package color combinations! I love the little touch of artificial snow she added. These are so beautiful on their own, but I can picture them grouped with glowing candles, vases filled with ornaments, an abundance of fake snow mounded around them, and little sprigs of greenery. What a beautiful idea for a Christmas dinner or a winter wedding!

Switching gears--- This idea could be used for any type of party. I had a friend use this same concept with a stack of 3 gifts (one wrapped in polka dot paper) paired with polka dot decorations and gerbera daisies at a baby shower.

Imagine them wrapped in brightly colored paper with a big bow at the top for a kid's birthday party, paired with balloons and streamers for a true "Birthday Party Theme."

Tiffany blue boxes trimmed in white would make a perfect bridal shower decoration.

For a more feminine look, a small bundle of flowers could be anchored to the top instead of a bow.

Wrap single boxes of varying sizes in coordinating papers and cluster them as the centerpiece. Wrap small, single boxes indentically and group them in a fancy centerpiece to serve as decoration, but also as favors when you fill them with your party's parting gift.

A shower filled with these centerpieces could be topped off with a matching cake.

My favorite part of this whole idea: the price! Who doesn't have gift boxes and wrapping paper lying around?!?! Again--- if you know this will be your theme for a future party, how great would it be to get all your supplies 50% off after Christmas! You could just pick up the boxes if the paper wouldn't match your theme, or a roll of silver or gold can be paired with most colors to add a little 'something.' Planning, planning, planning!

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