Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have so many 'favorites' hiding in my files and I want to start sharing them. They might be cakes, centerpieces, placecard ideas, dresses, could be anything. Not sure how often I'll dig one out and blow the dust off, but I want to share them.

Favorite #1) Easy lace centerpiece

How beautiful is that! I could see this being the centerpiece for wedding with blush, lilac, gold, peach, powder blue, or even red as it's accent color, but also at a birthday party for an older woman. I even just pictured a little girl's first birthday party done in pearls, flowers and lace and the little girl has a giant peony headband on.
This could be done so cheaply! Those vases are $1 or less at many dollar-type stores. Pearls can be found at many yard sales and second-hand stores--- OR try painting mardi-gras beads with spray paint. Hello! CHEAPER! :) (If you know me, you know I'm all about a bargain and good-buy idea!)  If you're willing to do some work to hunt and DIY, this is a gorgeous centerpiece done on a budget. The lace is where I start to see the price increasing, so I have a few ideas:
1) buy cheap lace curtains, runners, tablecloths from dollar-type stores or second-hand
2) make one like this:

They used doilies stitched together to make one large runner. Genius! Again, buy these second hand. I'm also sure that many moms, aunts, grandmas have these things lying around. **Idea** I think it'd be beautiful if the bride and groom's table runner was made from doilies with sentimental value. If so, I would stitch in a way that it could be cut apart again later if needed.

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