Friday, January 6, 2012

Favorite 2

This is a new favorite-- no blowing the dust off of this one! I recently saw this on Pinterest (my new love affair) and! I've seen a lot of the DIY baby onesie shower ideas, but usually they have markers, paint, and other 'not-so-me' types of supplies. This one is adorable. It looks as if they kept the guest list small. My immediate thought was to do this with my mom, sister, aunts and close cousins on a lazy afternoon. The guests were provided with material scraps and fabric glue, but I think sewing them on would be nice, too. In the basket, I think I see pictures of designs, so they might have even had suggestions for the guests that couldn't think of anything. By providing the scraps, the ones were kept in a similar 'theme' of color and design, and of course the clothespins to hang them matched as well. I just love this idea!


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