Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding Photographers

I found this article shortly after our wedding (I apologize-- I didn't mark where I found it) and fell in love with it. My husband and I spent nearly a year looking for a pair of wedding photographers that we loved-- personally, financially, and artistically.

Reasons why you should love your wedding photographer:
  1. Even though they have to carry around heavy bags of multiple cameras, they will keep on smiling throughout the day.
  2. While they have to be uber creative, they have to really be good with people too!
  3. They get a lot of work done under tremendous time pressure. Client-created-timelines sometimes aren’t as accurate as they should be (1 hour allotted for pictures after the wedding but there are at least 50 important family pictures to take). There just isn’t enough time for a human being to get all those shots!
  4. They have to work around your guest-amateur photo-enthusiast Aunt Martha that stands behind them with her camera taking their posed shots (did you know the flashes on her camera makes their large professional flashes go off)? This makes the portrait photos sessions go longer!
  5. Rarely getting to eat except a quick bite, they are on their feet so they won’t miss an important shot.
  6. Mindful of your family, they work quicker when your grandmother and grandfather are standing for shots.
  7. Somehow they are able to get your ceremony pictures even though your wedding Officiant does not allow flash photography during your service.
  8. A professional photographer’s mind will always be working to setup creative shots, even if it requires them to visit the ceremony site they’ve never worked in.

All of these are reasons that we are so happy we picked Carignan Gallery for our wedding photographers! They were a pleasure to work with and would hire them again in a second!

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