Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cars Party

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to plan a Cars party for my nephew's second birthday. He had watched Lightning and Mater more times on DVD than we could count, so there was no question about the theme. His parents ended up renting a room to hold the party in because the guest list grew to about 60 people with such a big family and so many close friends.

Chocolate donuts = Casa Della Tires

Old license plates, free oil boxes and cheap signs made simple room decor
The kiddos made their own license plates and colored themed pictures for the birthday boy

The birthday boy had his own Cars place setting

Tables were decorated with road stripes (party streamer), cones (borrowed)  and race flags (cheap from the party supply store), as well as piston cups ($1 at Dollar Tree)

Guests enjoyed themed glasses for pictures ($2 for 8 at Wal-Mart)

Borrowed cones, flags and car supplies, free oil boxes, and a DIY speed limit sign made another simple room decor
The kiddos also had cars to play with on the road rug (already owned)
Rice Krispie treats and M&Ms made street lights  (Have you read my suggestion of not making your own cake?? This one is perfect example of all the things that can and will go wrong in the last day before a big party if you take on a task like making the cake...)
I found a scene setting that matched the theme on clearance for $7!
 I forgot to get pictures of the favors for the kiddos (another reason why I suggest asking or hiring someone to take photos), but each child got a lightning sack with Cars themed toys, a DIY candy bracelet with lightning, Cars fruit snacks and a gold "Piston Cup" made from silver trophies found at the Dollar Tree.)

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