Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Wedding

We got a photo with all of our guests after the wedding

I wanted a heart cake topper and found one in a bridal catalog like I wanted for $20....but ended up spending $2 on an identical one--- it was a cookie cutter

Because we had a summer wedding, it was still daylight for our reception, so we covered the windows to look real
Vase and Candle from the Dollar Tree, with the "In Loving Memory" cling purchased for $3 at JoAnn Fabrics

Bubbles bought as a leftover from a cousin's wedding

Pen was a replica of the one my late grandfather carried every day

Family heirloom that was hooked into my bouquet

My pink shoes

I wore my dad's work shirt to get my hair done...

Purchased in the dollar section of target and painted to match...

Made at home to match...

Made to match from cardboard and dollar store flowers

Bridesmaid dresses were made for each girl, costing $35 per person + the price of the material= ~$55 a piece

Omni sashes (table runners) tied on all candleabras and aisle candles

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