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Baby Shower Games

I think coming up with games for showers are some of the most difficult things about hosting such events. You want guests to have fun, but don't want them or the guest-of-honor to feel awkward and uncomfortable. I mean really, what woman at 9 months pregnant really wants to know just how big her belly is and how big each of her guests thought it was....that's just mean : (  If you've ever been to a shower, games can make you feel awkward really fast! Having to wrap a person you've never met in a toilet paper dress or diaper, sticking your nose in a 'dirty diaper' or listening to others' conversations so you can steal their clothespin makes some dislike games really fast...

  If you're the same way, here are some games/activities that might work for a baby shower you're hosting! Personally, I think 'activities' are sometimes just as entertaining as 'games.'

Tame Games and Activities:
Baby Price is Right - Purchase some baby items and set them on a tray. The more items you purchase, the harder the game is. Ask everyone write down the prices of each and then add up the total. Whoever is closest to the correct total amount wins--without going over!

How Many Are in the Bottle? - Stuff a baby bottle with Q-tips, cotton balls, jelly beans, m&m's, safety pins, or any item of your choice. Pour the items out so you can count them. Put the items back in the bottle. Pass the bottle around and have each guest write on a piece of paper how many they think are in the bottle. The closest one to the actual number wins a door prize and the bottle can go to the mommy-to-be as a useful gift!

What's In the Baby Bag? - You will need a baby bag and a bunch of baby accessories (pacifier, bottles, diapers, wipes, etc.) that fit and belong in a baby bag. Put the baby bag on a table or floor (wherever the guest can see it) and take out all the things from the bag. Have them look at the items and put them away. The more you have, the harder it is. Use smaller items so more fit! Guests then have to write down as many items as they can remember.

College Fund- Note on the invitation about a raffle for a big prize and to "Bring Your Money!" Each person at the shower can buy one raffle ticket for a $1 or ten for $5. At the end, a winner wins a nice prize like a gift certificate for dinner, Wal-Mart gift card, or a gas gift card. The money collected starts the baby's 1st bank account. Extra door prizes or extra favors can be raffled off as well.

Heavy Purse - Have a scale and weigh everyone's purse. The guest with the heaviest/lightest purse wins a prize.

Who's Your Mommy? - Make a list of baby animals (colt) then ask each guest to guess the animal Mommy's name (horse). It is amazing how many people really don't know.

Nursery Rhyme Quiz- Get a book of nursery rhymes and write down the first few lines on a piece of paper. Make enough copies for all of your guests and see who can complete the rhymes. You can do this with many different rhymes and see who can remember the most. You could also do this with children's books.

Name that Mom- Have a list of children from TV, movies, and children's books. Guests have to write the mom's name for each group of children.

Guess that Onesie- Guests are asked to bring an unwrapped onesie that describes them. Each onesie is displayed and the mommy-to-be has to guess who brought what. This game doesn't have a winner or prize, but sounds fun!

Decorate for the baby- Guests decorate onesies, bibs or quilt squares for the baby. Again, no winners/prizes and it works best with a small group.

Advice Book: Guests create cards of advice for the new parents and compile it into a book.

Mommy vs. Daddy- Before the shower, the host videotapes the daddy-to-be answering questions about the baby/pregnancy/mommy. Before playing the recorded answers, the mommy has to guess what daddy will say. After she answers, the tape can be played to reveal daddy's answer. Guests can guess how many mommy will get correct. The closest wins.

Lots-O-Diapers - Write on the invitation to bring (extra, unwrapped and detached from their gift) a pack of diapers or wipes for a chance to win a prize. Each guest who brought the item(s) would get a raffle ticket. At the end of the shower, have a drawing for a nice gift basket. The mommy-to-be will receive tons of diaper and wipes and a guest will leave with an extra special gift basket.

Create a Canvas- For a small shower/luncheon, guests can decorate small canvases with provided paint colors that will match the nursery. The canvases can then be clustered on the nursery wall as a sentimental decor.

Funny Games:
Bobbing for Nipples - Buy several packages of baby bottle nipples and put them into a baby bath tub full of water and play just like bobbing for apples.

What's In A Purse? - First you have the mother-to-be make a list of things that every mommy might need. (Examples: Spoon, bills to pay, band-aid, a photo, a Q-tip, etc.) Read off the list in front of your guests. The first person who can hold the item in the air wins a point. The guest with the most points wins! You can have a winner for each item if you'd like.

Blindfolded Baby Feed - Pair up 2 people and blind fold each of them. Give one of them a jar of baby food and a baby spoon. This person tries and feeds the other person while they are both blind folded! Have multiple groups competing against each other. The food must make it into their mouth. The group that finishes with the least amount of food on their face wins. I would only suggest this game with a small group of close-knit family and friends. This could make some guests feel very awkward.

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