Friday, February 17, 2012

April Showers....

A friend of mine is working on hosting a baby shower and we were bouncing around possible theme ideas.... We talked about several girly ideas before I asked when the shower was and she replied "April." Immediately my mind went to "April Showers bring May flowers June Babies." She really liked the idea of umbrellas and boots, so the gears started turning.

When you start Googling and Pinterest-ing (I know...that's not a real word...but you might become one!) rain shower party ideas, everything BLUE starts showing up, but this little bundle of joy is a girl, so we had to tweak and dig a little deeper.... here are some of the ideas I've come up with so far.

- My first thought was to hang umbrellas from the ceiling, but the venue is two story complete with a balcony so this idea is impossible. Umbrellas are a must, so I think a few open umbrellas (or this one or this one around on tables (cake, food, drink, etc.) would still look great and then they could be used as prizes. I mean really---who doesn't need an umbrella?!?! What a great prize idea---how many times have you left a shower with JUNK!?! (I feel a post about 'what not to do when hosting a shower' coming on....haha)

- The host found an invite idea called "Raining Hearts" that is absolutely adorable and perfect for the baby girl's shower. The invite also sparked another idea. I was struggling with how to use raindrops in the shower without making them blue or blowing the budget on 'diamond' strands..... and then the invite shows pink hearts as rain drops! How adorable! I would make double the amount of hearts you would need and hook them to fishing line in a random pattern and hang from the balcony to where the guests will enter below. The hearts will be simple to make because the host has a Cricut.

- Buy a kid pair of rain boots and use as the main centerpiece with a large bouquet of pastel flowers spilling out of the tops and onto the table. These boots aren't exactly as full as I am imagining, but I cannot find a picture that portrays my vision. And I imagine more hyndrangeas and peonies than gerbera daisies, but I'm not a daisy fan. If the budget allows, buy used boots from second hand stores and spray paint them to match.

 - For other centerpieces, I suggest filling galvanized buckets, flower pots or metal watering cans with flowers.

- For favors, give away seed packets. Again, useful and inexpensive!

- I think I would use all white table coverings (and lace or organza would be beautiful!) with bright plates and utensils. I can see pink, green or yellow, but I don't think I would mix. I would use all the same color or style....and polka dots would be a-dor-a-ble!

- I went to Michaels and found so many cute things that would be perfect! Check out these rainboots and tell me they're not absolutely THE cutest! And this tiny umbrella at Old Navy! 
(Don't forget your coupons for Michaels!)

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