Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bumble Bee Baby Shower

A dear friend of mine needed a theme for gender neutral baby, and the shower open house had to be done on a budget! We brain stormed until we found one the Mommy liked-- Bumblebees! The meal was being catered with all products provided, and the shower was being thrown in a brand new facility. The hosts decided to take advantage of the new neutral tables, and not use table coverings. I think it looks great and makes it a lighter feel for the baby shower!

Cake Table (The cakes were polka dot, opposite of the napkins)

Cake made my a family member--- Is it not ADORABLE!?!?

Fresh daisies in already-owned canning jars

Canning jar with rocks, ribbon and wood accent found at a craft store

The whole room- the potted plants were prizes (dual purpose = money saver)

Treat box- 12 boxes for $1 from Dollar Tree with stickers from Teacher's Aide
Boxes were filled with yellow candy to match the theme

Canning jar, black rocks, ribbon, wood accents on skinny dowel rods,
tissue paper pom on large dowel rod, scrapbook paper and daisy paper sprinkle

Entry Table

(First name removed and location blurred for security)

I don't have a picture, but the hosts displayed lemonade in an extra large mason jar and a laddle.

 Overall, we stayed on budget, got all the shopping done in one trip, and had fun while planning! I hope this inspires you to use things you already own to create an adorable shower!

Some other ideas we didnt use were:
- Hanging tissue paper poms/lanterns from the ceiling. This couldn't be done due to facility rules.
- Using large bumble bee balloons or hive decorations. The host wanted the theme to be subtle.
- Using themed plates/cups/napkins. The caterer provided these products, so the host didn't have any say.
- Polka dotted table coverings. The hosts decided to keep the neutral colored tables bare.

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  1. Can I ask where did you get the invitations at??

  2. I designed it myself. It was a mimic of honeycombs.