Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gender Reveal Parties

Has anybody else noticed the Gender Reveal Party craze??!? It's crazy how popular it has become to announce the baby's gender months before its birth and in a party form! I think the idea is adorable! If you're planning one, here are some ideas....

Always have guests vote!



Guests can vote simply by marking a tally or writing their name under a gender, by wearing a colored pin, or by wearing the color the represents what they think the baby will be.

How to reveal!?!?

I've seen the reveal as simple as the parents announcing the baby's name.... Cute!

Or, you can go a bit bigger....

Some parents are creating surprise lanterns filled with confetti of the gender color.
You could have a lantern for each guest, or just one fo the parents to pull.
(I would hate to clean up the confetti from 10-20 lanterns!)
I guess you could do the same with a pinata.

Many parents are filling a box with helium-filled balloons!
The parents could already know and just surprise the guests...or...
have the ultrasound technician write down the baby's gender and develop the
information to the store for the balloons to be done and the parents to pick up later.
I personally like that the balloons are hooked to the bottom of the box. Makes a cute cluster for the photo.

I think the parents above may have also used leis to represents their vote... another cute (and budget friendly) idea.
You could also use mardi gras beads, boas, stickers... there are so many ideas!

Tint the filling or inside of the cupcake. (This source used natural dye instead of artificial.)
I think you could do this reveal at least 3 different ways:
1) The parents know, take a bite and reveal to guests.
2) The parents don't know, take a bite and reveal to guests.
(The sealed gender results from the ultrasound tech would be delivered to the baker.
3) Have a tinted cupcake for everyone to eat-- parents could know or be surprised as well.
This party used cookies to reveal. You could do it the same way as the cupcakes above.
The link to how to make the cupcakes has been closed though :(

Same thing as the cupcakes... parents know or don't know...

You can have the baker decorate the top with phrases like
"What will it be? Open to see!" or "Pink or Blue... We love you!"

Got a bigger budget??

I saw where one couple passed on their sealed envelope to a firework company and the whole party was surprised with color specific fireworks!

You can plan a whole themed party...

Waddle it be? Duck themed.... all yellow

What's it gonna bee?   (This was actually the first gender reveal party that I saw online almost 2 years ago!)  Bumblebee themed with yellow and black

Whooo wants to know?  Owls fill the party with this idea!

Whatever you decide to do... I'm sure your guests will love it!

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